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Obstacle Course Rules

  1. Soapbox cars or kinetic sculptures can participate as long as they meet all other obstacle course requirements. 
  2. The vehicle must have at least 3 wheels. 
  3. The vehicle can be no wider than 4 ft. 
  4. The vehicle can be no longer than 8 ft. 
  5. The vehicle can be no taller than 6 ft. 
  6. No stock bicycles are allowed. 
  7. All riders must be 13 years of age or older. 
  8. The entire base of the vehicle must be able to clear 8 inches. 
  9. Vehicles are allowed to be pedal powered. 
  10. A helmet is required. A full helmet is recommended. 
  11. Each team member must sign a waiver, including pushers and volunteers. Participate at your own risk.
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