Available Sponsorship Opportunities 

Start Line Sponsor $5,000

The Launch pads will be branded with your logo and the announcer will reference you all day as they call racers to the “ABC Company Start line”. A company representative has a reserved seat in the announcer’s tower to help call the races, and you will receive four coveted spots on the start line team with custom shirts.

Finish Line Sponsor $5,000

The Finish Line will be branded with your logo, and the announcer will reference you all day as they call the race results at the finish line, (And it looks like Speed Demons in lane one cross the “ABC Company” Finish line first.”). A company representative will have a reserved seat at the finish line station to help call the races, and four sponsor staff will receive coveted spots on the finish line team with custom shirts.

Cash Prize Sponsor $5,000

The ultimate draw for the best artists in the region. This year we would like to offer a large cash prize

to entice artists to give us the most incredibly fun, crazy, and unexpectedly amazing kinetic sculptures and

art cars around! Drawing bigger crowds and unique artists will make your business and Kinetic Derby Day

a household name. The benefits include your logo on large checks presented by a representative of your

business and the Mayor of West Columbia at the presentation ceremony. The cash prize will be referred

to as “ABC business” Cash Prize by the announcer during the sculpture parade, and soapbox racing.

Race Obstacle Sponsor $2,000 (Up to 5 Companies)

We have added a jump to the soapbox derby course. Have your logo displayed on the jump. The announcer will refer to the sponsor jump every time a racer goes off the ramp.

Artisan Fairway Sponsor $3,000

Welcome festival guests to the artisan booths with an entrance tent, signage throughout the area and your logo incorporated into the artist vendor applications and registration website.


STEAM ON STATE Sponsor $2,000 ( Up to 5 Companies)

These sponsors will include a 20’x20’ tent on State Street to educate the community on kinetics, cars, science, technology, engineering, arts and math.


Kids‘ Vintage Soapbox Car Sponsor $1,000 (2 Sponsorships Available)

Two All-American Soapbox Derby cars are brought in to the Kids’ Zone for children to race all

day. The Boys and Girls Club will teach them how the steering, axles, and wheels work together

so that children can learn all aspects of the car. The sponsors’ logo will be displayed on vintage cars.

Pit Crew Sponsor $1,000 (2 Sponsorships Available)

Building a custom design with homemade blueprints will probably require some

professional advice before race day and some emergency repairs on the day of the race.

Beyond that, a mechanically inclined pit crew is needed to help get the cars organized for the

racecourse and tow them from the bottom of the hill, back to the top. We will direct participants

with questions to your business before race day, as the local expert, helping you build

relationships in the trenches on race day. You also have the opportunity to host a

“How to Build” workshop promoted by the festival.


Official Drink Sponsor $500 + Product

The only drink sponsor for water and sparkling water. The product will be given to volunteers and staff and

will be sold to event guests in each food truck.


Grit Pit Sponsor (SOLD) $500 + Grits

The grits are placed at the bottom of the hill. The announcer will refer to the “ABC Company

Grit Pit” throughout the race as cars drive into the grit pit.

Standard Sponsorship Packages for $1,000 + Sponsor Logo Inclusion on the following:

(500,000 Impressions)

  • Race Start Line Sponsor Banner

  • Social Media post on all platforms

  • Brochures

  • Schedule signs at the event

  • Website

  • Posters

  • Flyers

  • Promo Cards

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