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What is a Kinetic Sculpture?

It is a human-powered vehicle, gear based with no stored energy, motors, or electricity, designed to reflect your interpretation of the yearly theme (The theme changes every year. Watch the website for the current theme). Bring your imagination to life and travel through our parade route in the heart of the River District of West Columbia. There will be obstacles on the parade route and a panel of judges that will award the most inventive entries with trophies in a variety of categories. Your sculpture can travel as an individual or a team (a team can include multiple members on a pedal-powered sculpture with themed costumes or multiple escorts in costume riding or walking along with a sculpture that includes kinetic movement).



  1. Sculptures must have wheels or moveable legs, at least one gear, and be able to move forward,    stop, and turn.

  2. You must be able to keep up with a 3 mph minimum speed.

  3. Sculptures must be able to stop safely and quickly. Sculptures that do not pass the brake safety check will not be allowed to compete.

  4. All pilots must wear approved helmets.  Please bring your own.  

  5. Sculptures must not pose any danger to anything/anyone around it or near it and must not have open flames. The pilot must be able to escape quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.  

  6. Participants are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages prior to or while operating the vehicle. 

  7. All Participants must be in an appropriate costume. This is a family-friendly event.  Therefore, the      City reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of costumes.

  8. Sculptures must be no larger than 8' 6" (102 inches) wide, 8' high, and 18' long. A variance may be given with special permission from the parade coordinator. 

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