Kinetic Sculpture Awards 2020

"The Oscar" Best Overall of the Kinetic Sculptures | Trophy Awarded 
The best overall kinetic sculpture that includes consideration of the kinetic motion, design, creativity, recycling, costumes, cinematic appeal, and crowd appeal.


Cinematic Award | Trophy Awarded 

The sculpture with the most accurate depiction of the chosen cinematic theme. 


STEAM Kids Creation Award | Trophy Awarded 

This is the award for the school with the Kinetic Sculpture that WOWS the judges and uses principals of STEAM, creativity, and recycling.​


Best Special Effects, Kinetically Speaking | Trophy Awarded

This is the award for the most kinetic action on the sculpture.​


Most Heroic Stunt Work | Trophy Awarded

Awarded to the sculpture that best traverses the obstacles. 


Best Ensemble Performance | Trophy Awarded

This will be awarded by the judges to the most entertaining and creative team of 5 or more.