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Kinetic Sculpture Awards 2023

"The Neon" Best Overall of the Kinetic Sculptures | Trophy Awarded | $200 

The best overall kinetic sculpture that includes consideration of the kinetic motion, design, creativity, recycling, costumes, bright neon, and crowd appeal.

Awarded to team Girl Scout Troop 3395's sculpture Fantastic Plastic.


Golden Mullet Award | Trophy Awarded | $200 

The sculpture with the most accurate depiction of the chosen 80’s theme. 

Awarded to team Charley Pop's car The Purple Pyro.


STEAM Kids Creation Award | Trophy Awarded | $200 

This is the award for the school with the Kinetic Sculpture that WOWS the judges and uses principles of STEAM, creativity, and recycling.​

Awarded to team Busbee Creative Arts Academy's sculpture Under the Sea.


Best Special Effects, Kinetically Speaking | Trophy Awarded | $200 

This is the award for the most kinetic action on the sculpture.​

Awarded to team Starting Over's car Silly Filly.

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